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Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Sandbox Advocates: Event #1 Panel Discussion

Member of Development Sub-committee

As a member of the Development Sub-committee, I played a pivotal role in enriching our panel discussion by identifying and engaging distinguished external speakers and partners. My contributions extended beyond mere coordination; I spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive event timeline and meticulously crafted the flow of the script, ensuring a coherent and engaging dialogue for both our speakers and audience. This experience not only underscored my ability to manage critical aspects of event planning but also demonstrated my commitment to inspiring advocates and gaining insights from industry experts.

Sandbox Advocates: Event #2 Learning Journey to Google APAC

Member of Development Sub-committee

With the efforts of engaging our advocates with insights from some of the competitive industries, the Committee organised learning journeys to some of the renowned companies.

Keeping in mind the fast-changing technologies and the impact of Google products in our daily lives, I decided to reach out to Google APAC (Singapore) for the advocates to get a tour around the office and, on top of that, enrich themselves through some sharings by the employees in their work life and how they navigate through their education journey.

Institute of Technical Education

Project Leader

Greener Singapore Project

Driven by a profound commitment to sustainability, I spearheaded an initiative that not only garnered a $5,000 grant from the National Youth Council but also made a significant impact on the youth community. Under my leadership, our dedicated team of 5 core members, supported by an extended network of 20 volunteers, hosted a series of innovative upcycling and recycling workshops. These sessions successfully engaged over 360 young individuals from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), fostering environmental awareness and actionable sustainability practices among participants. The project's reach extended beyond the immediate workshop attendees, as it was highlighted across various platforms, amplifying its message of sustainability.

My role in this project not only demonstrated my ability to lead and inspire a team towards a common goal but also underscored my passion for making a tangible difference in the realm of sustainability.


BMDP Programme 2022

Assistant In-Charge: Logistics & Admin Department

With a goal of increasing awareness of Bone Marrow Donor Programme among youths, I took on the role of Assistant In-Charge of the Logistics & Administration Department for the Council’s Awareness Programme. My leadership was essential in steering a dynamic team of 4 students, ensuring seamless logistical support for a multifaceted awareness campaign.

This included coordinating the backend operations for a TikTok live session and managing the complexities of a 2-day long roadshow. Under my direction, the team adeptly handled the coordination of resources, scheduling, and on-ground support, contributing significantly to the programme's reach and impact.

Food Donation Drive

Executive Committee of Human Resource Club

As the Executive Committee of the Club, together with the other Committee Members, we organised a Food Donation Drive together with Willing Hearts.

For this Donation Drive, we hosted a two-day long roadshow outside Sheng Siong Supermarket located at ITE College Central. We collected food items and donated to the Willing Hearts as part of our efforts to contribute back to the society.

Researcher & Host for Zoom Session

Single-use Plastic Awareness

The project's primary objective is to enhance awareness regarding single-use plastic in Singapore. Jia Cheng played a crucial role as a member selected for the organising committee. He actively contributed to researching content for the presentation slides used in outreach efforts together with the other members and served as the host for approximately four sessions. These sessions targeted his own class, student leaders in ITE, CCAs, and other fellow student councillors through Microsoft Teams.

Through this involvement, Jia Cheng gained a deeper understanding of sustainability. It also provided a platform for him to become a more confident speaker.

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